Tray Command Line Tutorial (v1.1):

First Step: Let's create a simple alias called w, which opens WordPad:

1) Invoke traycl by pressing [Pause].
2) Go to Start Menu->Accessories and point your mouse cursor to WordPad
3) While holding Ctrl button, drag&drop
WordPad from start menu into TrayCL window.
4) Press Alt-A or push the Add button to add wordpad alias to the list. You will see the add alias dialog.
5) In the Name field type "w", this will be the name for the new alias.
6) TrayCL also allows assigning a hotkey to an alias. Let's assign hotkey [Win]+W to WordPad ([Win] is the key with the windows logo on it). In the Hotkey field choose "W" and check "Win" checkbox.
7) Now close the dialog by pressing [enter]. Add as much other aliases as you like by repeating steps 1 to 7. You can also drag&drop items from desktop or from windows explorer into TrayCL and create aliases for them. Some other handy aliases you might want to add are: alias "wz" and/or hotkey Win+Z for winzip,alias "ie" and/or hotkey Win+I for internet explorer,alias "amp" and/or hotkey Win+A for winamp, etc...
8) Press [Esc] to hide TrayCL.

Now to start WordPad you would simply press Pause to invoke TrayCL and type "w" <Enter>,or the other way is to press [Win]+W from anywhere in Windows.

Some power tips:

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