Tray Command Line

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Version 1.11
- First public release
Version 2.00
- Added command parameters support
Version 3.00
- Recent command list is now saved in the registry
- Now uses ShellExecute() - allows execution of special shortcuts (like dialup networking entries), visiting www sites just by typing their address, opening documents with an associated program by typing document name, or just browsing directories with explorer by entering a directory name.
- Allows to change the hotkey
- Added AutoMinimize option - minimizes to system tray when lanched a program
- Various bugfixes
Version 3.01
- 2 bugfixes.
- The tray icon always stays in tray i.e. the program is always accessible when using mouse.
Version 3.10
- Aliases expanded
- Nested aliases added: you can add alias "n; c:\win95\notepad.exe" and then add "notes; n c:\edit\notes.txt" - alias which uses alias "n".
- Last user command is displayed each time TrayCL is activated(Like in Run dialog).
- Remembers only succesful commands in history list
- Minor bugfixes.
Version 3.20
- History is now saved to windows registry (50 last commands). Now you can invoke commands from previous sessions using history list.
Version 3.21
- Dialog box is not shown when program is run with "Hide when started" option.
- Horisontal scroll problem fixed.
Version 3.25
- Added "OK" button
- Reconstructed "add alias" dialog
Version 3.31
- Added Smart Dir (tm) button (if space is pressed after a command the chosen file is inserted as a parameter)
- Added drag and drop capability
Version 3.32
- Optimized run function
Version 4.00
- Minor bugfixes
- Added "Show Tray Icon" option
- Added "Run after dir/drop" option - the program automatically runs the command after you press dir button or drag&drop files into TrayCL.
- Now you can select multiple files in DIR dialog as an arguments (if you had space after a command and pressed dir button it chooses arguments and places chosen files after the program name)
- Added "Save window position" option
- Now you can switch to mini-view (Ctrl+M) - when in miniview you see no menus & no caption
- Added ability to choose FastRun hotkey - pressing this hotkey will execute the last program entered in traycl dialog - AutoComplete feature added, you can change AutoComplete delay or turn
this future off in Options/Advanced dialog - Now you can choose the path where dir button opens
Version 4.01
- Minor bugfix
- Added Smart AutoComplete feature - TrayCL tries to guess the text after amount of time specified in delay field and if it determines that the string you've entered so far is unique in the history list - the command is auto-guessed immediately without any further delay.
Version 4.1
- Added "Add Button" - ability to add aliases from the main dialog. Seems to be very handy.
Version 4.2- Added ability to start programs minimized,maximized or normal (using aliases)
Version 4.22
- Minor bugfixes
Version 4.23
- Added 'close' button in Mini-Mode (so you could close traycl
with a mouse when in mini-mode)
Version 4.6
- Bug fixes.
- Added unix-like filename/alias completion (thanks go to Martin Roth for the idea) - Now instead of using "Dir" button you can easily type filenames into traycl, for example typing "c:\pro" and then pressing TAB key will complete the typed string to c:\"Program Files"\ . If the input string doesn't contain a ":" or "\\" characters, then Traycl tries to complete the input string as an alias name.
- Added "*.com" extensition to "dir" button file dialog (someone requested this).
Version 4.61
- Fixed bug with filename-completion.
- Added right click popup menu for tray icon.
Version 5.0
- Bug Fixes.
- TrayCL window now can be resized horisontally.
- TrayCL now supports multi-command aliases (aliases that allow sequental execution of multiple commands).
- TrayCL now supports hotkeys with WinKey (key with windows logo on it).
- Programs can now be also launched with hotkeys.
Version 5.01
- Bug Fixes.
Version 5.02
- Bug fix concerning milticommand aliases.
- Filename completion algorithm (activated by TAB) is revised and improved.
Version 5.03
- Faster response speed (alias parsing algorithm was optimized).