Tray Command Line is a fast powerful command line utility, which can be accessed with hotkey. It is designed to enhance the role of keyboard in Windows interface, by adding ability to easily launch programs with it. With TrayCL you can launch applications in 2 ways: 1) by assigning a hotkey to an an application and then launching it by pressing that hotkey. 2) by assigning short name (alias) to an application - for example, the "ie" alias to Internet Explorer ("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"). Then, to start Internet Explorer you would simply press [Pause] to invoke TrayCL and type "ie <enter>". We find this way of launching programs much faster than using Start Menu especially when Start Menu has many entries and it gets hard to find the required program among them. Although TrayCL is designed primarily for launching programs, you can have it learn internal DOS commands as well (like dir,copy,del) by assigning aliases with those names. TrayCL also has many handy features such as customizable activation Hotkey, Fast Alias addition, Command History, Filename-Completion, Add-alias Hotkey, Smart Text Auto-Completion, Multi-Command Aliases (multiple applications can be launched by one alias), Launch-By-Hotkey (use hotkeys to launch programs), Windows Shell Commands (which means that typing c: in TrayCL will automatically open Windows Explorer window in drive C and typing in TrayCL will open browser and display HotMail page). TrayCL is designed to consume very little amount of memory and system resources. Since it's written in Visual C++ it's very fast, doesn't consume much memory and doesn't require any runtime dlls (in contrast to similar utilities that were written in Visual Basic). TrayCL is freeware. It's worth to give it a try.

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-TrayCL v5.03 has been released.

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